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So I recently did my ACL playing soccer ( I wish I could say I was tackled going for a goal, or saving one! But no, I did it all by myself trying to change direction) and then last week had the reconstruction surgery to fix it.

Give me unmedicated childbirth ten times over rather than knee surgery! It knocked me around a lot more than I thought it would and now 8 days later am only just able to sit up and think straight.

As I can’t massage or teach classes yet, I am trying to work on my admin etc, but the first thing I end up doing is watching You tube videos of birth. So much to choose from. I wish I could show all of my clients these and so many more videos. But there is never enough time in my calmbirth classes so I thought I would try to make a list of worthwhile videos to watch to save expecting mums the time but also to help them avoid seeing videos that will not benefit them in the lead up to the birth.

One of the best things you can access freely on youtube is the movie The Business of Being Born. This is often the first seed in mums and couples becoming aware that the choices they make can affect the way their babies are born. One of my all time favorites.

The Business of Being Born

Anything With Ina May Gaskin in it. This woman is simply amazing and so knowledgeable. Here is the first in a series of videos of some lectures she gave to some midwifery students

Ina May Gaskin talks about fear in birth


My all time favourite birth movie. It’s in black and white and there is some hippy music playing in the background but the mum is having the most amazing time and without fail leaves me with tears in my eyes.

Happy Birth

As I was writing this post I came across a great video of a breech home birth. Not something you see everyday. It’s aways so strange seeing a baby come out a different way and this one is quite impressive. It also has some lovely shots of the newborn suckling which is great for expecting mums to see.

Home breech birth

And one last one, not for the faint hearted. This woman is awe inspiring. She gave birth to triplets in an unmedicated birth and in about 30 mins from what I understand from the video. The most remarkable thing is she had a smile on her face the entire time. It’s pretty graphic, especially the second triplet who is born breech takes a while to perk up but amazing to see what a woman is capable of with amazing support, a willing medical team and lots of faith in herself.

Birth of the Trama Triplets


I hope you enjoy and feel free to send me suggestions of other positive, inspirational videos that you might have seen.

How often should I have a massage?

sports massage, hong kongI am often asked “How often should I have a massage?” and I find it a tricky question to answer.

In an ideal world I would say everyday. I often joke that if I won the lottery I wouldn’t buy a fancy car but would have a live-in massage therapist (that I have trained!) as I couldn’t think of anything as luxurious as having a daily massage.

But that is just wishful thinking so I say to my clients to get one as often as you can afford to or need to.

In Hong Kong there is a plethora of massage places, one of the reasons I love living here, but a great massage is hard to find.

Another actor is the reason for needing a massage. If it is an acute problem i.e. pulled a muscle getting out of bed, then the quicker you get it treated the quicker it will heal. If it is more of a chronic situation i.e . stemming from an old injury or muscle stiffness from sitting at a desk all day, then unless the cause of the problem goes away it is something you will need to maintain. Also for my pregnant clients a lot of the issues will only get worse as the pregnancy progresses and so they may need a massage more often as they near their due date.

So I have clients who fit into all of these categories. Some can afford to come weekly, some come once a month, some on an as-needs basis. I have even had a few pregnant clients see me twice a week towards the end as it was the only thing helping them through!

There is no right amount. It boils down to a combination of budget, time and how your body responds to the treatment and what you are doing with your body between treatments.

But above all any amount of massage is beneficial and can be preventative.

And it feels great!


Tedx Talk: Heal Birth, Heal the World

It’s nearly one year since I did my Tedx talk on my two birth experiences. I was just checking on it to share on my blog and it has had 500 views! I was so nervous doing it but was thrilled to be asked to share my journey.

Here is the video:

Back into the swing of things

Wow, 2 years since my last blog post! That’s what happens when you have a baby. I have been enjoying my time with my little girl Lucie, and having three kids is certainly keeping me busy.

It is now time to start focusing a bit more time and energy on my business. I am feeling the need to get more information out there to expectant mums and parents that are looking to expand their knowledge.

I aim to start blogging more and sharing through my social media platforms:


Welcome to my Blog

Kathy Kitzis BlogHi and welcome to my blog!

Here I will be sharing my upcoming course schedule along with inspiring stories, videos and pictures about birth as a way of encouraging expectant mums and dads to explore the possibilities of birth and parenting.

I hope to join you on your journey to parenthood.