What is Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® is the name given to a childbirth preparation programme developed by midwife Peter Jackson to specifically assist couples to create a calm, joyful and even ecstatic birth experience. The calmbirth® programme has the potential to dismantle the fear, stress and anxiety experienced by many women during pregnancy and childbirth.

The three important foundation factors addressed by calmbirth® for natural childbirth are:

Understanding, confidence and fearlessness.

Calmbirth, Childbirth Education Classes

The knowledge and skills the programme teaches prepares the mother to remain relaxed and focused during her labour, to make informed choices, if and when necessary and to be in tune with the natural energy and rhythm of her baby’s birth.

The calmbirth® programme is based upon observation, research and clinical experience. The three main areas covered in the programme are:

  • One of the foundational principles of calmbirth® is Dr Grantly Dick Read’s “Fear – Tension – Pain syndrome which is supported by contemporary research scientists such as Dr Candice Pert and Dr Bruce Lipton.
  • Dr Herbert Benson’s extensive research into the normal physiological response of Relaxation which is the opposite to the well know fight and flight response which Dr Grantly Dick Read accurately described in his Fear – Tension – Pain syndrome. The programme highlights the importance of self care and use of the person’s subconscious resources to create confidence, understanding and to dismantle fears not only around labour and birth but for all areas of life.
  • Bonding and Conscious Parenting draws on the research findings of Dr David Chamberlain, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Thomas Verny to name a few. Their evidence shows the importance of pre natal education and the relationship between the mother, father and baby.