Is there any scientific research that has studied the effects of Calmbirth® on labour and birth?

Since the inception of Calmbirth® research is being carried out by sending out evaluation forms to couples after the birth of their baby.

This survey has shown that out of the 411 Calmbirth® mothers:

  • 63.5% normal vaginal birth
  • 12.9% normal vaginal birth with assistance
  • 13.6% emergency caesarean
  • 6.6% planned caesarean
  • 50% had no analgesia or aesthetic during their labour
  • 22.4% who did use analgesia, used gas only.
  • 34% reported that generally they would not describe the sensations they experienced during labour as painful
  • 22% describing their pain as mild or moderate.
  • 81% were able to breastfeed soon after birthing
  • 87% felt a strong bond with their baby immediately after birth