What has been the response from the midwives attending Calmbirth® parents during their birth?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive with quite a number of midwives attending the Calmbirth® practitioner training because of their experiences of having witnessed a Calmbirth® mother giving birth. On the other hand if a midwife’s practice and experience comes from a medical based practice, there is the possibility that she will feel the need, as the professional, to manage the labour and birth and to view it as a medical procedure. In this model, pain is seen as unacceptable and there is a strong chance that the midwife will encourage the mother to accept analgesia and or anesthesia. Calmbirth® couples are aware that pain relief is available and will request medication if needed. The Calmbirth® approach primarily empowers couples to take responsibility for their birth experience in co-operation with their care givers. Relaxation, breathing and visualization are the techniques taught to the couple to manage the sensations of labour.